Casa Piena means “full house” in Italian, and that idea – that life, and wine, are better when shared with friends and family – is at the heart of this Napa Valley winery. Founded by Carmen Policy, a former NFL executive who led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl victories, Casa Piena is a tribute to Carmen’s children (three boys and two girls – a veritable “full house”) and to his roots in an Italian neighborhood of Youngstown, Ohio, where wine, family and community were intertwined.

To craft their Cabernets, Carmen and his wife Gail turned to Thomas Rivers Brown, who has shaped the global reputation of Napa Valley Cabernets as winemaker for many of the valley’s finest producers since the 1990s. True to his artisan philosophy, the wines he makes for Casa Piena capture the unique terroir of the Yountville estate vineyards from which they spring, balancing the voluptuousness one expects from a Napa Cabernet with the elegance of an old-world Bordeaux.